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If you’d like to send a note directly to me – whether it be to agree, disagree, rant, argue, or complain – send a note to jer.at.gaera@att.net. Assuming I’m not buried by some craziness (like midterms or finals) I’ll respond pretty quickly.


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  1. GAERA
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 18:41:55

    Jerry’s checkered past:

    Up ’til this mid-2011, Jer did policy research for Georgia’s teacher licensing agency, and prior to that did the same sort of work for the education accountability agency created by Governor Roy Barnes, and spent a bit of time helping on the third attempt to create a longitudinal education database in the very early part of the current century.

    About a decade and a half of his career was spent in educational testing (and yet more policy work) in several other states, including a stint running Virginia’s state testing programs.

    Oh – now? He’s very happily ensconced at one of the state’s IHEs, but we need to make perfectly clear that the opinions he offers on these pages are his alone and do not at all necessarily represent those of the institution at which he is employed :-).

    Should you care, his doc is an amalgam of experimental and ed psych with flavorings of learning theory, research methods, statistics and measurement. Ergo, a geek.


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